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people don't understand the basics of how internet works
they just expect to get free shit

if you want a reliable, stable, and malleable shoutcast then you're either gonna pay for it or make it open source and wait 10 years for it to become good.

Also hosting radio streams takes the most bandwidth of any service currently being offered, except video streams. No game will ever, EVER require 128kbps for one user, that is, if you're running mp3, of course. 32kbps aac is the same deal, very few games use so much data. We may be developing and hosting's becoming cheaper and cheaper but you got to understand there are potentially thousands, even tens of thousands of people are gonna sign up for free streaming and someone's gotta pay the bill for it.

If having ads on 6.66% of your stream is bad, go use some service that covers over 50% of your page that you HAVE to use for this.

I'm not gonna spend money on shoutcast, or use their streaming service, because I can't afford it, and that may seem hypocritical, but still, my point is valid. Even if you don't want to spend money, I understand, but don't bash them for making a living and offering people free services.
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