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USA winamp users and Shoutcast searches

OK .... stateside winamp user .... Just checked out my winamp station searching capability again.
Previously, using Online Services not Online/Shoutcast, I could obtain results but there was no way to make any selections. No buttons or stars or arrows beside the station listings to hit.
Since that time, I now find a grey arrow on the left hand side of each station listing.
The first 2-3 attempts did NOT succeed in getting winamp to switchover to the new selection.
Winamp seemed to make attempts to do so ...I saw dialog window flashes ... but failed for one reason or another. Ambient mp3 was one of the failures. Winamp did not like the URL
But on the 4th attempt, with a 4th different station, I did succeed in changing the station using the arrow.
This is not the way I would normally find and change stations. I normally use my bookmarks, so this is not something I will be checking on often. But to a degree, its working.
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