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Winamp selfishly changes songs order in my playlist!


So I have this playlist that has around 10000 songs in it (don't know if relevant). I basically randomized all songs I have in my music folder... and then saved the playlist.
Everytime I need to turn off my computer, I write down the number of song so that I know where I left off. This morning the song under the number I wrote down last night didn't correspond with my memory. I'll present it like this:

My playlist last night:

670. : Song A
671. : Song B

My playlist this morning:

670. : Song A
671. : Song C
672. : Song B

Unfortunately, I don't know where "song c" was last night, it's possible that it followed after "song B", still...

Is it something that winamp just does? I kinda have problem with it. (I know it doesn't remember the order of songs with the same name, if you have it sorted in alphabetical order)
Any help would be appreciated.
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