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Hi Monchi,

What version of Winamp are you using? For some time now, Winamp saves 2 copies of the active playlist when Winamp is closed (i.e. the winamp.m3u and winamp.m3u8 files in the user's Winamp data folder), so that the same playlist items are loaded (in the same order) when Winamp is restarted later.

Do you close Winamp before you turn off your computer or do you let it get shutdown automatically while the computer is shutting down? Doing this may not allow Winamp enough time to save everything it needs to save during it's shutdown.

Do you have the playlist shuffle mode enabled?

Do you have the Advanced Playback Setting "When loading multiple files, sort files by name" enabled?

Are you using any plug-ins that affect the order of items in the playlist?

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