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Changing route of playlist.

Well, I've been reading some older posts from the forum, and I did not find anything that can help except for a couple of options, but lets see if I can get anything better.
Let me explain my problem: I have a large collection of music (up to 200GB of music) with almost 12K songs in my precious playlist, ordered in related genres, for example: from the 3.4k to 4.4k is alternative rock, starting with alternative pop rock and ending with alternative hard rock, and so on the previous 3.4k songs (till the 2.8k) are pop rock and the songs above 4.4k are hard rock (till 5.6k). I've made it in this way to correlate song genres. I took me a lot of years reach this order and amount of songs (6 years crating this madness ).
Suddenly, my storage in my laptop get depleted (movies, books, comics, etc) so I had to buy an EHD, but my precious playlist did no recognize the new location of the songs, stored in the EHD.
What I need is that winamp recognize the new location of the songs.
What I've learned reading some old posts is that you can export the playlist to a .html, then export to a text file, and open it with some text editor (word, notepad, etc) and replace the path of the songs with the new entry (search and replace option.
But I would like to see from more advanced users what can comment about this issue if they have a better idea.

So what could say the winamp comunity?
Thank you and regards!
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