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Thank you for updating your Milkdrop legacy projects. The list of media players and devices that have Milkdrop compatible plugins is quite impressive & is a tribute both to the brilliance of the architecture & to the artists who willing tortured themselves with the hours upon months it took to learn how to make brilliant living, reacting artwork.

A few months back, I moved all the Milkdrop files onto a couple of USB drives and started to 'sort' through them. The biggest challenge is weeding out the duplicates. I've found software that will identify byte-for-byte clones, but that still leaves what I consider the occasional needless tweak by a novice tinker-type that that destroyed the original art, equivalent to what you'd expect the Mona Lisa to look like after a pair of six year old 'artists' finger painted a moustache, bushy eyebrows & a beard on the canvas. And I quickly add that I could not do much better with my limited knowledge and experience with the programming of Milkdrop presets. But I digress....

My original goal was to sort & categorize the 40,000+ milk files into meaningful groups, such as MTV (Moving Toward Viewer), MAFV (Moving Away From Viewer), TUNNEL, NBA (Non-Beat Aware), STROBE, LAT (Lateral Move), SCENE (like Martin's Planet series), WET, KAL (Colored Petals, Kaleidoscopic Patterns). Identifying missing texture files could be a whole lot easier if the error message was more specific. I've been using grepWin to search for sampler_ which is a lot easier than Notepad'ing each milk file.

Long, long ago, I retired from club dj'ing. More recently, I've retired from my final career of 26 years, churning out business code. With faster computers & video, Milkdrop renderings look absolutely brilliant with decent screen capture software. My chosen hobby is the creation of music videos to accompany remixes of songs that have been relevant to my life and several of my You-Tube uploads were generated with the help of Milkdrop. Your nom-de-plum was on my first short list. Full-blown retirement and depending on a future lottery windfall really sucks, but I'm sure I could afford a beverage or two of your choice if you'd ever wander close by. Cheers & thank you for being a brilliant devoted artist nerd. Have you ever tabulated how many hours took to create over the years?
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