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Including the non-included... a great many hours. I started so many years ago that it's impossible to estimate.

I can say that it took a good number of hours updating everything for this zip since I started a few weeks ago but I can also say that the better chunk of that was waiting for presets to save and delete. MD does not handle a directory full of "every preset ever(tm)" very well that's for sure.

In hindsight, I should have gotten what I needed from the archive and then moved everything except for my stuff until the work was done, well.. what's done is done.

Since you mentioned remixes, though, yeah back in the day we had a system where you'd [Original Author] [+/And/&] [Your name] - [preset name] which seems to mostly be followed, but I did see a ton of the presets I made with nz+ behind them.

I don't know what they are and I normally don't want to shit on someone's work but they just seemed to be random stuff slapped on top of flashing lights and more random stuff.

Can anyone clue me into what was going on there? Now that my work is done I need to prune the "all presets ever(tm)" down to a list MD can handle and include the presets that seem to involve an artist sitting down and doing work instead of random mashups. Then I can start looking through pixel shaders to figure out what I'm missing about them because I'm certainly missing something.

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