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Ouch, this stuff is thoroughly back to the basics ! But I must admit some code tricks are quite puzzling, it took me fifteen minutes to understand how you did the musical spectrum in 3D without even using waves.

The naming system is still in place, but requires reading the authoring guidelines, which not everyone did, apparently. Kids nowadays have so many distractions at their disposal, they want instant success and then move on; consequently they mash a few things up overnight, advertise it as the hottest shit ever conceived, and piss off never to be seen again. Some guys here delivered 100+ presets in a single night.

Back to the naming system, it is flawed anyway; it is voluntary, and after a few mashups of mashups of mashups and Hit-the-A-key-orgies it is really rather impossible to determine the original author. I myself, having done this shit for ten years, usually recognise my own shader code or fragments thereof immediately, and I can tell you that a LOT of presets are using it, with or without adding my name. In your presets for instance I can spot it in the True Visionary, Sound Plays the Sight, Heaven Bloom and a few others. At least you are aware, as you added a note in the code. But frankly I don't bother, and I prefer to move on to make something new anyway, as I tend to get bored by static effects rather quickly.

I'm certainly missing something
Not sure what you mean ? There is no hidden feature or something you still have to discover. If you need a bit of advice, I'll be happy to help where I can. Just be serious about it. I learned on this forum that the absorption of lessons or new techniques is minimal or not existing. Guys either want to tinker up their own shit, thinking they can do it by their own brilliant magic without the need to study, or they lose interest after three days and turn on to the next hot shit on the internet.
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