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Ouch, this stuff is thoroughly back to the basics !
I did promise an underwhelming experience, so you can't say I didn't deliver.

Of course, I'm the kind of person who will say that there's nothing wrong with basics. Does it look good? Is it colorful? Does it react to the music in a delightful way? Then it's a good preset in my book, and that goes for anyone's work not just mine.

I myself, having done this shit for ten years, usually recognise my own shader code or fragments thereof immediately, and I can tell you that a LOT of presets are using it, with or without adding my name. In your presets for instance I can spot it in the True Visionary, Sound Plays the Sight, Heaven Bloom and a few others.
Yeah I tried to comment where I got the shader stuff from when it wasn't written all by myself. Not because I didn't want to give credit in the title but because I didn't explicitly start by loading your preset and modifying it. I really don't have a problem with people using my shit and not crediting it, in fact my complaint was more about someone using my stuff and not crediting themselves...

Not sure what you mean ? There is no hidden feature or something you still have to discover.
Oh, i'm not thinking something along those lines. More like.. if I'm in per vertex and I see math, my brain can translate that math to what's going on fairly easily.

In a warp shader and composite shader that doesn't happen. I'm missing the relationship between what's being shown and what it's doing, and I'm stumped on getting something to look the way I want often. As fun as changing a .8 to a .7 and hoping that works is.. I need to actually sit down and figure it all out so I can get to where I want to be quicker and with less head scratching.

I decided to wait on that until I was done with this project though, as these presets couldn't drift far from their origins or it would defeat the purpose. The time to learn must coincide with the time to present something new.

What do you wish for?
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