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The equalizer sliders on the modern skin have exactly the same problems. At the ends they have 2 values for the same position of the button. They also have the additional difficulty that the minimum possible gain or cut is around 2dB due to the strong detent. So I am fairly sure that the sliders are all based on the same code.

For some reason the slider button jumps, and fails to jump at points on its range. The volume slider exhibits exactly this same problem. It would not be noticieable except if you wish precision adjustement. In addition some identical sliders which vary only in the X position have different characteristics in terms of this problem.

My equalizer has no detent, which means that you can have less than 1dB gain or cut, and the ticks correspond to 1dB steps unlike the Modern skin where the ticks are ficticious, and are merely decorations. There are 7 steps for 6dB gain,and the middle of the slider never gets to the maximum or minimum value in the Modern Skin.

I may have to put in a small detent around zero at +- 0.5 dB in order to allow the user to set the gain reliably to 0. Another possibility is to parse both the button position and equalizer setting.
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