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Replay Gain Help, and some requests

Winamp 5.56 user here. I use Winamp for backing tracks during performance. Due to the variations in tracks created by various band members, the replay gain feature has been a Godsend, because there's nothing more annoying or distracting than trying to adjust levels after a song has started.

Anyway, yesterday I was doing a RG calc on a playlist/set, consisting of 10 mp3s and one m4a file. When it was done I noticed, to my surprise, that there were three windows on the screen. Two of them had some of the MP3 songs, and one window had the lone M4A. Its repeatable, so I just told each window to save (I usually do just track data). But since the process is splitting the analysis into three separate groups of songs I'm not really sure whether the RP calc process is even effective, or doing what I'd hoped (which was to approximately level out the volume of all the songs in the set).

Just FYI, I tried the same process again, this time without highlighting the one song that was an M4A, as I though the was to problem point. All that did was eliminate on of the three windows. In the end, I still had two RG windows, one with about 7 songs, the other with 3. The only rhyme or reason I can see this time is that the three in second window were more recent files (the file date was newer). But it still leaves me at a loss to know whether the process is even doing what I need to do, which is analyze the whole set. What do you recommend?
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