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Audio playing faster, with noise and then silence, then again... PLEASE HELP!!

Yesterday I did install winamp, shoutcast server and the dsp plug-in in my server, everything was fine until I discovered while listening on my cellphone, that suddenly one of the songs did not play properly and I will try to describe this the best I can:
  1. The song start with noise, like pops, one after another, like the long plays used to do.
  2. the audio plays faster than normal with very poor quality
  3. and after some seconds, it will mute... to do it again after 10 seconds...
I discover that this event happens only with specific mp3 files, I mean, not all files on my playlist do this. If I listen what winamp is playing on the server (on console) I get the music played correctly... I tried to encode AAC insted of mp3, a better rate, changed my direct sound settings to a secondary audio card, all the same, I even installed the Null audio plugin, so I could not depend on an audio card but also the same.

I also compared two of my files, one that I know works correctly and other that doesn't... and found no differences, at least visibly in the properties, both are 128kb/s, both are mp3...

My conclusion is that something is wrong with the DSP plugin as this one is the one that encodes the music and transmit to the server... maybe? PLEASE help... I don't know what else to do.

We are a Christian Radio, we can provide remote access to the server so we can play and make more deep tests, thanks for your help.
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