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that link is a poor example as it then means people hard-code paths checks to %appdata%\Winamp when it is still possible to make the path custom (i and a few others do that and it annoys the hell out of me plug-ins / external apps which assume paths).

for the comment about not liking things being in the user settings folder by default (as has been the case since Winamp 5.5 due to moving support of the client to only work on versions of Windows which work in that manner), i made a tool allowing for the path(s) to be changed at which also links to the information about the paths.ini file if you'd rather do it manually, etc.

as for the main issue, there is no need to be even knowing the Winamp path as it's possible to query information directly from Winamp once it's HWND is found and then using SendMessage(..) and for somethings the ReadProcessMemory(..) hacks which are available without capturing window titles or force saving the Winamp playlist and all that sort of thing. has code for how to do it (which can be compiled as a supporting dll or into anything else as long as you know C - should otherwise be simple enough to port to something else as i'm aware of a delphi port of it in use). that also has an example showing some of the information which can be obtained from Winamp using it, though there's no pre-compiled version of the dll and test exe as i've not gotten around to finishing it all off.

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