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When Winamp syncs a phone it leaves various config files in the root of the phone storage. On my Blackberry SD Card there are three files listed:

* pmp_usb.ini
* winamp_metadata.dat
* winamp_metadata.idx

At an educated guess, the second and third files there are a database of what music is on the phone. The ini file can be opened in notepad and read. In here it is clear that we have the settings from that extra preferences page within Winamp.

When I look in my ini file on my phone I can see it is talking of settings from my old PC where it was the N: drive. (Whereas now it is on Q: )

Personally I just drag and drop my music onto the phone using Windows File Manager.

As an experiment when reading this post I connected my phone. And then started Winamp. Winamp has correctly read in all the albums I have on the phone and once I opened the Preferences it has then updated the paths in the ini file noted above.

So the main answer for you is to go and carefully look at the Preferences and get the file structure in there to exactly match your requirements. The path may be subtly different to what you actually need. Correct it in there and all should be good.
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