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I am in the process of dumping iTunes for Winamp. My ipod met an unfortunate death a few months back and instead of replacing it, I want to use my Droid. I had been previously syncing using iTunes and Easy Phone Tunes which worked fine, but I was using Winamp on my Droid and thought I might try it out as an iTunes replacement.

My Droid was discovered easily enough, but this syncing is driving me a little nuts. I tried to do my initial sync over USB instead of wifi for speed. When I connected via wifi, it wanted to sync all 10,000+ songs again because it doesn't see it as the same device! I also wanted to sync my podcasts over wifi, so I could wake up in the morning and just grab my phone and go.... No need to connect my phone to my computer to sync the latest podcasts. NO DICE!
Why isn't podcast syncing available over wifi? You would also think it wouldn't be that difficult to identify that it is the same device no matter if it is connected via wifi or USB!
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