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5.8 beta - desktop position not kept

several user have complained about this, so i am moving this out of the general BUGS threat - i think it is important (and bothering) enough an issue not to vanish in the number of other problems.

.. >> doesn't seem to store correctly the last position of the main player
.. >> window when using the Modern skin

nor any other windows, visualisation, cover art, whatever. i take great care to size and set them nicely onto the desktop, and the next time i start WINAMP they are all over, but not where i had put them.

a real bother - i wish somebody could look into this - it worked fine with all earlier versions, so a solution should not be too far away.

.. >> This is not quite correct. "Winamp Modern" and its Player Window in 5.8
.. >> seem to "suffer" from this oddity, my skin does not show this kind of behavior

but all the earlier comments did refer to ''Modern'' - so as such it is correct. but if it does work on other skins, it shouldnt be too difficult to find out why it misbehaves with the plain 'Modern' skin.

please, pretty please, somebody look into this. going back to 5.6 is not really the most elegant solution.

greetings - heinz -
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