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Minimise, countdown, total time, for playlist

I serched the forums and prity shure im mostly not repeating people, sorry if i am...

Me and my bros would all like to see a few things put in the playlist editor. As we only use the playlist and dissable the other windows, we find they make to much clutter. (Note: we have winamp set to minimist to the system tray and not the taskbar)

1. There needs to be a song timer, like in the main window, so we can see how log we have left in the song, or how long it has been playin 4

2. There is no minimise button,

3. Some of us have mice with minimise functions and they do not work, well they work but you have to click on the item in the system tray first this is anoying because we hate having to click on the icon first. (sorry for putting this here i think it might go in the bugs forum)

4. I love the feature that tells you haw many hours of music you have in winamp 2.x is it possible to bring that to wimamp three?

Thanks in advance if you guys put any of these features in Winamp 3, its alredy a sweet player but it would b awesome with there

Love the crossfade
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