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Yer that looks nice,

the bar that holds the buttons (and the buttons) are slightly on the large side,

You see what we like about the winamp playlist is its simplicity, you click the song you want and it plays, but it is still bundeled will sh*t loads of features. The thing that poked out the most was the names of the songs, all the buttons were small and looked secondary. This was good because what we could see what we were listning to (and choose what we wanted to listen to next), not the buttons that we could press (manly because we used the keyboard shortcuts).

Originally posted by d96stuff
What I really liked with WA2 was the thin mode when you double clicked on the playlist titlebar.

Still there. Double click on the title bar.
I notice that when you have a second playlist open it wont go to thin mode (the second playlist that is, the first one works like normal)
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