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Well, the new ones at least. Well, these two at least for now. I already had a topic, but I title it for one project lol, so here's a proper topic title . I hope to be working on more projects after this one, needing to spend a bit less time on each while not doing updates so frequently.

Mandelverse is a remix of a preset by, En D, interfella, and a lot of code comes from martin too. I've managed to add a few lines of custom code mostly in the comp shader, while tinkering with bits of the rest in an effort to take something like the mandelbox explorer but make it go with the beat of the music (and be synesthetic (instead of RNG / constant) in color and form going to the beat of the music).

So, I'm beginning this topic with another dream come true (well, realized after about 2 months of daily tinkering) finally ! Cheers and enjoy .

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