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Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post
Does this version workaround the lame_enc error (the one with unicode filenames) ?

Yes, it was mentioned in the list of changes.

Originally Posted by ChiggyChiggy View Post

And whats "Secret Rabbit Code" ? o.O Is that like Morse Code but for only meant for developers to understand/communicate with? xD
"Secret Rabbit Code" is a non LGPL (hacker communist manifesto GNU licensing) sample rate converter for changing the sample rate of audio data, like changing from 48KHz to 44.1KHz. At the time I first created the plugin it was the only sample rate converter I could compile with Borland C++ Builder 5 Pro. I have since found a different sample rate converter and can now piss away "Secret Rabbit Code" along with it's communist hacker manifesto manifest destiny source code intrusion licensing demands. That and the sample rate converter I'm now using seems to actually be better and a little faster on low quality resamples than Secret Rabbit Code's low quality version. Details about the version(s) I'm now using are available in the plugin's about box (mentioned in the list of changes.)
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