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Choppy sound on certain streams when SHOUTcast title support enabled

Hi all,

I've searched the forums for an answer to this question but don't see it referenced so here goes:

Basically, I'm having trouble with a number of streams which appear to be coming from the same group of IP addresses, one such example is Their stream URL is:

Another example is Proton Radio, apparently from the same server farm with a similar address:

If I have SHOUTcast title support enabled when playing these streams, I get choppy audio and the song titles still are not displayed, only the port # (ie, 1005) displays. Unchecking the SHOUTcast title support box solves the audio problem with those stations but then I can't see the song titles for the other streams I listen to.

I was using Winamp 2.95 (don't ask) but completely uninstalled it and then installed v5.03 but I still have the same problem.

The system is Win2K SP4 running on an Athlon XP1700+ with the nForce chipset and 256MB of RAM, more than adequate for streaming audio.

Can someone clarify what's happening here? I would assume that these servers are streaming in an odd format but Winamp is one of the players recommended by

Thanks for your help,

- Phil
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