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Single track play


I would like to see a feature similar to Auto Cue in old CDs.
The reason for this is to support performers on stage who wants to use WinAmp for Android player to control background music.
As solo performer you sometimes have to control your PA by yourself.
You might not want to have background musik during your your full act but rather to have some songs or soundeffects to be played sometimes during your act.
In my act as magician I need 4-5 songs and soundeffects to be played during the act.
I need to be in control over when it stops and starts.
Sometimes I do not have my hands free to stop or pause a song so I need to rely on a auto cue function.
By browsing forums for solo performers you will see this is a headache for a lot of us.
There are some very expensive hardware availible but I prefere open std.

By having a autostop after each played song and a possibility to have playbutton to act as play+next this app will really be a hit for us solo performers!

Keep up the good work!
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