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Play without populating the Playlist

This has got to be a bug but if not then I need to know some work around for this

Under Media Library I click on Audio - I get what I assume is the standard 4 pane layout, Artist, Album, Titles, and then the Playlist on the far right.

I click on one of the songs in the Title pane, right click, select "Play Selection" - and the whole list comes over and replaces the currently playlist. All 9000 songs come over or whatever the number of songs that happen to be in the title pane.

All I wanted to do was play the current entry - I didn't want to replace the playlist - and I certainly didn't want to replace the currently playlist with all 9000 songs from my music collection.

How do you get around this without having to enque the song and then going to the playlist to manually trigger it.

Here is my subsequent problem - with 9000+ songs in my library quite often I can't remember the song by title, so I want to play a portion of it before adding it to the playlist (or not add it).

How do I do this without resorting to 20 mouse clicks to do something that should be able to be done with 1?
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