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If you look at the options, you'll find the configuration how winamp reacts if search reults are clicked or double clicked. (I can't be that precise, because on my working machine, I'm posting from, is no winamp installed.)

I guess it's at options > media library. If it's not there it's at least somewhere at the options.

As far as I know it should be possible to enqueue one song out of the ML search results after the current playing song in the playlist by click or double-click. That's the closest you can get...

But you have to work it out via the playlist (the name says it all ).

I solve the pre-listening problem with another workaround:
Select song in ML (search result) > Ctrl+F > play it with Windows Media Player. Not very elegant but WA itself has no pre-listening option, as far as I know. But maybe you'll find a plug-in...

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