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Copy/delete file in (%programdata%)


I'm new user to Nsis .

Would you be so kind as to help solving this problem.

I'm trying to copy a file to ProgramData (C:\ProgramData) in Nsis.

But I couldn't find the path of %programdata%

For exmaple deleting file from Programdata;

RMDir /r "$ALLUSERSAPPDATA\testfile"
Sleep 500


RMDir /r "$ALLUSERSPROFILE\testfile"
Sleep 500

both are not working.

Nsis constant (app) is showing me this path;

current APPDATA=C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming
all APPDATA=C:\ProgramData

$APPDATA is referring to %appdata% not to %programdata%

I'm using Windows 7.

And furthermore do I need a admin permission to be able to copy/delete files.

Thank you in advance.
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