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Old listening history not available anymore in Streampad

I have embedded Streampad in my Tumblr-Profile a while ago, also in Blogspot (Spring / Summer 2012). But only in Tumblr I can play music with Streampad. I have to use Firefox on my PC, because I have the add-on exfm in Google Chrome, which blocks Streampad. On my husband's PC Streampad in Google Chrome is not blocked by an add-on...
I think, a few other Tumblr-Profiles have also the Streampad-Player, if not, then AOL Music could be visited for a test. Many other people will have questions, and in another thread I will post the link to here later. We should redirect the people to here...
You can find my Tumblr-Profile, if You visit my YouTube-Channel, then You will find the link. I cannot post the link to my Tumblr-Profile directly, and I can only hope, that Tumblr doesn't make problems now:
I have connected my Streampad-Player with and AIM again, but where are the last played tracks from my harddrive? "Frank Klare - Fight The Illuminati" was the latest entry, played before the uploading in YouTube on 12th March 2011. Last Summer I have seen the last played tracks in Streampad, but I cannot see them anymore. And 1 Online-Service in Winamp is dead now, too, the Winamp Charts, because the Orgler is dead ("An internal server error has occured")...
But I am very glad to have Streampad in Tumblr, and that's the reason, why I have to edit all the auto-posted SoundCloud-Tracks in my Tumblr-Profile...
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