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I went online again in the Streampad-Player in my Tumblr-Profile while I listened to a few SoundCloud-Podcasts of my Tumblr-Profile.

I can see only the latest history of, although I cannot scrobble from Streampad to But I can play a YouTube-Video in Firefox or Chrome (I have the scrobbler-add-ons & -scripts), and the scrobbled video will appear later, too.

I looked again also into the AIM-Tab of Streampad. I see nothing anymore in AIM, because the Orgler is dead, it didn't work anymore since so many months. I also cannot update a song to AIM, maybe, because I don't use "Buddies" yet, maybe also, because my Streampad-Player plays only the SoundCloud-Tracks, which are still available (deleted tracks are skipped).

But for me Streampad is good enough. I have set it to Shuffle & Autoplay.

I use another Streampad Code from JDU Themes now, but I cannot post the link, because it's from a post on Tumblr, and links to Tumblr cannot be posted here. I can give You only the link to my profile in Google+, and You have to scroll down to my post from 6th February 2013...

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