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Do you disable certain plugins to speed up Winamp?

I had an issue where it was taking 2 minutes for me to load Winamp, and I was able to track it down to pmp_activesync.dll. This happened both in the latest 5.8 beta, and 5.666 (which I am on now). When that file is renamed to pmp_activesync.DISABLED, Winamp opens much more quickly. I can only assume I don't need it, since it is supposed to relate to syncing a Windows phone.

This got me thinking, are there any other default plugins that people disable on the regular (short of going to the Lite version on Winamp)? My media library is 57mb, and my three computers that run Winamp are not the newest spec, so I'm trying to help Winamp along to do it's thing.

Thankful to have found this community on Reddit, lots of good info here. I nearly bailed and went to Foobar2000 recently, but I LOVE Winamp.
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