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I don't know if anyone had a chance to look at this yet, but here's another detail that might help. The incredibly long time it was taking to sync the playlists was so frustrating I couldn't take it anymore, so I replaced the 5.581 version of pmp_usb.dll with the 5.572 version and all is back to normal. The syncing playlists step once again takes only seconds. If I put the 5.581 version of pmp_usb back, the playlist syncing step takes forever again.

So I at least have a workaround for now, but please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help get this resolved. I'd be happy to provide any additional info, testing, etc.

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I tried posting this in the Tech Support forum a few days ago to see if anyone else had seen the behavior before opening a bug report, but I got responses, so here goes:

I've used pmp_usb for many years to sync several different portable players in MSC mode. The files on my PC are FLAC, and I sync selected playlists to the players, transcoding to MP3 during the sync.

I never really had a problem with this until 5.58 (and 5.581). Transcoding and syncing of the FLAC/MP3 files still works as expected, but the last step where Winamp updates the m3u playlists on the player is incredibly slow. Used to take seconds in previous builds, now it takes 7-8 minutes on a large playlist (500-700 songs). I'm syncing several of these large playlists, so the final "syncing playlists" operation takes around 20 minutes to complete. Again, I'm only talking about the part where the m3u files are written to the player (the transcoding is of course expected to take some time).

I've watched the destination folder for the playlists on the portable player in Windows Explorer and noticed that Winamp seems to be writing the playlist over and over and over again. It seems like some horribly inefficient loop was introduced in the new code. By hitting F5 (refresh) in Windows Explorer repeatedly while Winamp is writing the playlists you can watch the m3u file size grow slowly, return to 0, grow slowly again to a slightly larger size than last time, go back to 0, and repeat this cycle many, many times before finally writing the complete file.

For short playlists (30-40 songs) it doesn't seem to happen. Or if it does happen, I guess it's still fast enough that it's not really noticeable.

XP SP3 - all updated applied

Sansa Fuze & Clip+ (problem happens on both)

Steps to reproduce:
Create a large (~500 song) playlist in ML
Attach a MSC mode player
Go to the player properties and select the new playlist for syncing
Sync the player
File transcode/transfer works normally, "playlist syncing" step at the end takes forever

I can provide more technical details or samples of the playlists if needed, but I'm guessing it's not really relevant. The problem started with 5.58 and I know there were a lot of changes in the pmp plugins, so it almost has to be a code issue.
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