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Autotagging issue...

Not sure if this is "intended" operation, or an actual bug, but if the setting for "Metadata Reading" is set to the "recommended", i.e. "Load metadata when file(s) are played or viewed in the play list editor", instead of, "Read metadata when file(s) are loaded into Winamp", then the autotagging does not work right for ripping CDs. Basically, if you use the "recommended" setting, when you go to the drive in the library tab, you get a list of "unknown artist - unknown album" tracks, and it doesn't seem to matter if the settings in the CD Ripping section specifies to add this data per song or not. Winamp never checks for it, all files get written out as unknown - unknown, and you end up having to manually autotag them, then manually rename each file as well.

Seems to me, for ripping, either looking at a CD in the library should result in the data being looked up anyway, *or* the "Automatically add tags..." setting in the CD ripping should override the behavior, and attempt to look up the data online, as each transfer of each track takes place. It took me several CDs, and a lot of looking, to figure out why the heck it wasn't working. I didn't immediately guess at the problem, and I seriously doubt most other people would have gone, "Oh, wait, maybe its just not loading them because of this apparently unrelated setting!", any more than I did initially.
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