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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I just want to make it absolutely clear that I do understand all that and I'm not complaining, my comments are meant to protect winamp. I patiently await whatever is next, np!

I am sure the new version will rock. I guess all I was trying to say is why not put out a "stripped" yet not replaced maint bug fixed version, until the new big neon light ver is ready?

but if u all don't think it wise to do so, np. I just wanted to know the score and float the idea.

as always, thx for the response.
Yeah, no worries. I know that you know that I know you understand :-)
Believe me, I wish we could put out a patch release right now. But we can't.
We aren't even supposed to be providing any direct download links for 5.666 either,
because it still contains code licensed to & by AOL.
We need to strip out ALL that stuff and replace it before we can provide anything new (patch or release).

btw, I'd love your response to my thread here:
Yes. I agree about the need to be able to edit the TCMP etc flag
(Is a compilation = checked = 1)
Not sure how to implement it properly though, but will read that thread when I've got a spare half hour / life ;-)
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