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The future is bleak.

Here, u have a company buying Winamp and totally blowing it. Leave it to the French (or Belgians or whatever they are) to ruin an iconic name in computer audio. C'est la vie!

So until someone with a brain buys it from them, I don't see it ever getting better.

Then u have wacup, which on the one hand seems to be the only hope for Winamp-ish progression, but I figure sooner or later the lawyers will step in, and I don't understand why such an endeavor, given the history involved, is not open source? That seems to be the Achilles heel to it, bc it makes one wonder about the devs motivations and it seemingly makes that Dev more vulnerable to the aforementioned lawyers.

What a sad way for such a great product to peter out. I love bento, smart views, and just the way the app works. I doubt media monkey or foobar will ever replicate that feeling. Ugh, just sad.

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