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There should be no way to stop DrO working on WACUP unless he mysteriously disappeared.
Currently it requires a real full Winamp distro as the base, so no changes are in the Winamp original files.
Thankfully the new components are being released as open source where the licences allow.
Eventually all original components will be replaced and we then have a full separate and compatible Winamp clone.

Radionomy are most likely going to release something very different to Winamp 5, so it will offer a different experience.
Winamp 6 and WACUP will overlap in features (so does VLC), but I think they may gain different users anyway.
Radionomy don't really have a lot of choice when it comes to which platform to focus on.
Since the previous sale of Winamp, the Android OS has become the most installed and used all over the planet.
Only a fool would focus on the desktop market first.
Having said that, Radionomy must be aware that an important part of many homes is the media player on your desktop.
They are definitely aware that to run a radio stream properly also requires a good desktop solution.

Radionomy have 3 products to think about intended to work as a whole. Without enough devs working on it, if we see anything it should be mobile first, then a desktop client more focused on DJs.

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