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I guess I was never one who needed Winamp to do a lot of things. All I care is that it keeps working with the latest Windows operating system. Having enqueue back for Windows 10 is probably the only thing I've been missing for the last four years. But before that, on a long excursion into Mac I didn't have Winamp at all. Which REALLY sucked. For mobile I have spotify. For all the stuff I accumulated over the last twenty years, this is all I need. It's what I started with in the late 90s. Everything else annoys me. Ready to make many new playlists. So I'm with the OP here in this thread. Old great software goes away and new things come along. Always been prepared for and experiencing that all along. Every new PC created challenges in keeping Winamp on board. Anyway. So this to me is a great thing just as it is. I hope that five or ten years from now when this PC wears out that they've gotten their shit together and there's an updated version that works with whatever operating system.
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