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Query Language problem: "Ends with" operator gives unexpected results

Try this search in the search bar: ?title ENDS "qzwcvb".
This is the same as a Smartview which says "Title Ends with qzwcvb"
Notice that "qzwcvb" is 6 characters (without the quotes)

I would expect very few (how about zero!) results.
Instead, I get lots of results and they all have a title with fewer than 6 characters.

Change the search to ?title ENDS "night", which is more plausible but has 5 characters.
The result is tracks with titles that end with "night", but also includes tracks that have titles that are 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 characters long, no matter what the value.

It looks like the "Ends with" operator returns results that are false if the field being searched contains a value with fewer characters than the value specified in the query.
Maybe I don't understand some mystery in the Query Language.

Is this a bug?

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