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i had a debug build available whilst working on something else and have had a quick rummage and i've put a temp fix in place, though i need to dig deeper as i think it might be an issue from the cloud additions (and then removal as part of 5.66x) to ml_local and how some of the columns are handled in some cases (as it's specifically failing when trying to process a string filed but is being provided an integer field - with the 'codec' and 'mime' values triggering it for me).

also 'ends' hasn't been working correctly for i don't know how long - when it doesn't crash it was giving results for things that just don't even belong in there e.g. ?title ends "song" was giving 1-2 character title results as well as valid 'song' matches).

looks like there's potentially more i'll need to do in order to work out what's going (though i'll probably roll that into when i remove all of the Gracenote data from the library and force a re-build of it).
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