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ML DB crashed... How to migrate Ratings or Podcasts from ML to another version of ML?

Is there any way to import Podcats data from Winamp's media library and export data in to different media library copy, or maybe some way to import Ratting data from it and joint them...?

My current ML is messed up and if I restore my old ML copy witch has lot of defined rattings, I lose all my new Podcasts from Podcast list...
And if I use current 'crashed' DB (Possibly because of stupid loose SATA cable connection of second HDD, where ML DB is located - it's not first time...), I have all Podcasts in list, but no any of those thousands of Rattings.

Time has gone too much, so I could not re-download all those missing Podcasts... They are not in to feeds anymore

So, how to fix this media library database mess?

Help me, please.
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