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Originally Posted by mikkokh View Post
Mostly when when ripping them from CD with dBpoweramp (all basic tags and Replay Gain tags) and after that with MP3Tag (mostly scanned Album Arts and automaticaly convert track tags from format '5/11' to format '05/11'). Nothing more or less.

Shit happens and if my computer crash when Winamp is updating rating tags, those files are highly at risk to get corrupted.
to each his own, but why not have a "production" set of files, and a backup set of files?

I am constantly tweaking tags and so on, and saving ratings to the tags saves a lot of time in not having to create workarounds via playlists or smartviews for that purpose. occasionally, I even change a rating if my evaluation of the song should change. one click, done.

if such an unlikely calamity did occur, you could simply go to the backup, and the backups could be set to read only for extra security.

just a suggestion, do as thou whilst.

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