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BogProg WebJockey 2.0

BogProg WebJockey 2.0 is now available for download.

This is not a Beta, or a Review Candidate. This is a full release, ready for deployment.

For a complete list of changes please review the documentation file installed with the plugin.

Here's a short list of changes/improvements:
  • Removed Borland VCL framework.
  • Fixed a large number of intermittent and random crash/hang issues.
  • Added ability to add stop set files by folder path, which includes monitoring and shuffling of media files in the folder automatically.
  • Added function to allow metadata for stop set files marked with "Advert:" to show through, thus allowing Radionomy monetization.
  • Added rudimentary playlist editor window with a number of functions and features from the Winamp Playlist implemented. See documentation for details.
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