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If you can't bind to a port, it indicates that port is already in use. You're probably already using port 443 with a webserver or other service. You don't need to change anything in shoutcast's configs, keep all those the same. The HTTPS work here is being done by stunnel. All the info you need is in the original post..

> accept=port that https (SSL) stream should go out on;
I suggest you try port 8443 here instead, i.e.

> connect=current domain and port of where your current Shoutcast server
If you're running default configs and streaming on port 8000, as above put localhost:8000 (or whatever domain is serving your stream;, otherwise change the port number to whatever you're using.

Start stunnel.

Open up (or wherever your admin pages are located).
Open up and you should see your admin pages proxied through SSL/TLS.

Now just change your stream urls from http:// to https:// and the port from 8000 to 8443. Job done
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