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Group by artist not by album

On my XP machine I had my songs stored on my hard disk by artist, and in subdirectories the albums. Some collection CD's got their own directory. On these collection CD several artists where grouped together. My Winamp followed suit.

On my new Windows 10 machine this is not the case. My display inside of Winamp is cluttered with different artist of these collection CD's getting their own entry with one song. I already had an extensive collection. Now it got about twice as big.

Is it possible to let Winamp follow the way the music is stored on my disk (that I copied from my own system)?
1. Artist1 - Album 1
- Album 2
- etc.
2. Collection CD - (which may contain one song of Artist1 with song1)

instead of
1. Artist1 - Album 1
2. Artist1 - Album 2
3. Artist1 - song1

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