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Did a clean install on desktop - and then re-installed the new lyrics plug-in MiniLyrics as mentioned previously. Winamp stopped once on me so far but I haven't used it much with desktop. Tried just removing the winlyrics plug-in on laptop, and re-installed MiniLyrics only. Although Winamp didn't stop on me during a 3 hour gig, it jumped around a few time in some songs. The music pauses and then re-starts. The lyrics jump around trying to follow the the timing. Have decided to install latest winamp on my old XP computer and see what happens there. It is currently running Winamp 5.61. That should at least indicate whether it's a win7/ winamp 5.623 issue or whether it is just a winamp 5.623 issue. Winamp 5.621 and old lyrics plugin worked fine before so we will see if there is any change. Checked all plugins - none have .off extension.
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