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Okay, tried Winamp 5.623 with Minilyrics on my XP 32 bit laptop during a 4 hour gig. Worked perfectly - no stopping no pauses, rewinds and/or restarts. Both Winamp and Minilyrics are both up to date programs claiming to be Windows 7 64bit compatible, but obviously one or the other or both are not. Minilyrics also claims to be compatible with Winamp and other media programs.

When preparing material to go on to my XP computer, Winamp continually stopped. It seems that if you make quick changes in Winamp running it on 64 bit Win 7 it can't keep up. Other than that "stopping" is normally intermittent and as long as you do lots of "saves" we can live with it unless it stops in the middle of a song. Which has happened once or twice. However the problem of the music jumping around is not acceptable. So it seems I will have to continue to use my old XP laptop until such time as these problems are resolved. As I know many muso's use Winamp I am sure the probem will come up again in this forum. I only hope a solution is forthcoming before the laptop packs it in. Thanks for your help to date.
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