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I've been using winamp for a few months now...and I've had no problems at all, until today.

I have like 6 playlists that have about 50-200 songs in them each.

One of my playlist is called "random rock," where I put...random Anyways I added two songs today to that playlist (ill just call the two songs; Song A and Song B), and it kept playing only THOSE TWO SONGS OUT OF like 50 songs in total. So I got confused... And when I try to click a different just skips it and then skips ALL the other songs in the playlist until it reaches either Song A or Song B again.

Whats going on?
And now ALL my other playlists don't work either!! It just skips every single song in the playlist until it reaches the bottom of the playlist.

This is driving me CRAZY!!!
I tried re-installing, and it didn't solve anything.

Then I tried making a BRAND NEW playlist...and THAT ONE works normally.

So basically I have to remake all my 6 playlists and add all my songs all over again!?!

That would take forever!
Please help me!!

Additional info:
-I'm using Windows XP SP2
-Reinstalled winamp (10th anniversary version) to the 5.52 version.
-All my songs are MP3 format.
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