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Hi forum...

Actually I'm struggling with awstats to get useful stats with quite succes thanks to this post.
Now I'm trying to go even further and let awstats to make statistics on the player used by listeners.

to do so , we should reply %other value in the log format string described above with %extra1 (or %extra2. and so...), so those strings on the logs can be used in the extra section of awstat config file.
Thoset fields in shotcast w3c_log correspond precissely to the player, although in a really ugly manner...
The trick is then, to create a new table, defined in the EXTRA SECTIONS (at the end of the config file) to something like:
ExtraSectionName1="Top used players"
ExtraSectionCodeFilter1="200 304"

Actually te table is created and no error is reported by awstats, but the strings (ugly or not) do not appear...

So. I thing that, could we modify the so it replace those long, ugly strings to something more useable and troubleless?
for instance: we could set the script to replace any string starting with iTunes.... to simply iTunes, or to replace any string containing winamp by just winamp, and so with a reasonable list...

Since Im not a programmer, I wouldnt know how to do it at first glance, but giving an exaple on how to do it I could do the bulk task of identifying the strings and add them to de code
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