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Shoutcast 2 error on KODI add-on

Running Shoutcast 2 as a KODI [formerly XBMC] add-on.
See my system configuration at the bottom.

Getting this error message:
Kodi – “One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.”

I've spent about 30 minutes searching this forum - so now I need help:

A) where is the log file on Raspian [a Debian version of Linux]
B) how can I get Shoutcast 2 to work - please

Thanks, Jim

Oh - and I tried THIS "quick fix" on another forum with no success

System Stats:
RaspberryPi 2B, 8gb SD card, Official RPi 7" screen.
Linux 8 Raspian-Jesse, kernel: Linux 4.1.17-v7+;
Kodi 15.2; Skin = Re-Touched
The Pi connects USB wireless to Home WiFi
Home network has Netgear 104 9TB NAS connected as smb://server/
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