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$abbr function in Advanced Title Formatting

It seems that certain strings in album tags will cause Winamp to stall when these strings are abbreviated using $abbr() in ATF.
Formatting I've used until recently:
%artist% - %title%[' ('[#$num(%tracknumber%,2), ]$abbr(%album%,10)')']
but the same thing happens if you shorten it to

Strings I've found to cause the stalls:
"TV & Film Collection 4"
"Mr Music Hits 3"
(without quotes)

Stalls will occur either when loading files into playlist (with metadata reading set to 'on load'), or when playing the file (playback starts, then Winamp stalls).

By stalls, I mean the CPU usage goes up to whatever is available - only way to stop it seems to task-kill winamp.exe.

System info:
-Latest Winamp (downloaded today, clean install)
-System specs (P4 1.8Ghz, 512MB (mobo says "Medion 3000"))
-XPhome SP2
-Nvidia GF 3 Ti 200 (Drv
-Creative SB Audigy 2 (Drv
-DX 9.0c

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Reproduced. Thanks
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