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Enqueue from Open file(s) dialog

For years, I've been able to enqueue a new file by right-clicking on it in the Open file(s) dialog. Now, it just freezes Winamp for a few seconds and the file doesn't get added to the playlist...

But before going further, I want to tell you why I do this because I'm pretty sure that most of you may think it's weird to use the Open file(s) dialog to enqueue new songs. Well, indeed, it is... except for people that don't use the playlist alot... like me. Sometimes, I just want to listen to a new song... so I open the Open file(s) dialog to pick it up. However, in some situations, I may want the current song to end before listening to the new one so I just add the new song to the playlist from there.

I had no problem doing this in the past. It always worked...until recently. I think I faced the issue for the first time in Winamp 5.13 (or 5.12? or 5.1x? I don't remember but it's still an issue in 5.21).

Note that 'enqueue' still works if used in Explorer. It's only broken if used in the Open File(s) dialog.

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Nope, can't reproduce this. It works just fine here.
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