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Hi - even using the patch above my playlist generator still hangs.

I triggered it once, it went through steps 1-3 fine and winamp crashed during step 4 (after roughly 200 of 5888 files).

After that it would come up with the initialisation error on startup.

I can clean the 3 files in "C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote" and then I don't get the init error - it starts to scan again fine, but now gets stuck at the START of step 4 - it's saying "0 of 5888 files complete" but still seems to be trying to process, since the . .. ... sequence is still occuring (cpu use is virtually zero so I guess it's not really trying).

Also, I cannot run the old beta to get an error report, as the link below no longer works (the link to the exe)

Originally posted by DJ Egg
@chbxxx and anyone else who is still getting a crash when using Playlist Generator....

As we cannot reproduce the problem,
all I can suggest for now is that you temporarily downgrade

from: Winamp 5.5 Final (build 1640)
to: Winamp 5.5 Public Beta Preview 3 (build 1600)

In the beta, see: 'Winamp > Prefs > Error Feedback' for more info & config.
Cheers for any help,

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