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I've had much the same problem with Winamp 5.5, getting repeated "Can't initialize playlist generator" errors until I'm forced to kill Winamp.

I'm of the opinion there's multiple bugs in both the generator plugin in and the Gracenote DB libraries.

In my case, I've run a scan against my MP3 collection on my home PC. It's scanning now with no errors. I also have the SAME MP3 collection on a fileserver at work. While WInamps Media library is able to index and play the collection on the fileshare with no problem, the Playlist generator can't even initialize a scan without generating an error.

So at least one bug is the inability to deal with fileshares. In my case the share is on a linux box running Samba, I haven't tested with a windows fileshare. But i'd recommend checking with everyone who's reported this bug and finding out how many are scanning local files versus files via windows shares.

I'd like to add that I had absolutely no problem using the Predexis playlist generator in the past. Not only would it never crash Winamp, it'd scan my entire MP3 collection regardless of whether it was on a fileshare or local. I'll probably end-up installing it in Winamp 5.5 since the built-in playlist stuff is pretty much alpha at this point.

(Gracenote as a company is more about money than actual software quality anyways)
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